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MSU Mitzvah Marathon

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Add your name to the GROWING list of Mitzvot - good deeds.

At this difficult time, let us take courage from the age-old Jewish adage: “A little bit of light will dispel a great deal of darkness.”


It is an indisputable reality: when light and goodness encounter darkness, light and goodness will — without fail — prevail.


Let’s each dedicate ourselves to take on one mitzvah as often as you would like and in the merit of our collective good deeds, may our families, friends and the entire world be blessed with health and only revealed good.  


Simply choose from one of these options, or choose "other".


Please have in mind these names - loved ones from the Jewish Spartan family who need a speedy healing (Please email or DM to add a name to the list). 

Dovid ben Shoshana 

Avraham Pesach ben Esther Lea

Chaim Joseph ben Rochel Leah


Thanks for submitting!

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