Passover 2021

Saturday, March 27 - Sunday, April 4
Passover is around the corner and we have you covered!
Looking for an awesome Seder? Want to keep Kosher on Passover?

We're getting geared up for Passover, are YOU? A week's worth of brisket. Freezers are full of other Passover eats and meats. Wines chilling in the fridge. Today would be an awesome time to sign up for the Seders and meal plans!

From the Passover Seders to our special Passover dinners, enjoy some crunchy Matzah, mouthwatering brisket, delicious "Matzah Pizza" and much more!


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Meal Plan (To-Go)

Monday, March 29 - Friday, April 2

Our goal is to make keeping Passover at MSU easy and delicious! Don't delay in signing up!

Meals can be eaten outside, socially distant or taken to-go.

Dinner will be available from 6:00-7:00pm

Soup, salad & side with each dinner. Full menu (clickable) in above image.

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Passover To-Go

Welcome to the Seder 2021. No this isn't a regular year, everything is different. 

We know that this year the Seder will happen very differently. The upside is you will have a new skill - Seder Leading that you can add to your Jewish resume once this whole situation ends. 

To help you we have created a Seder Package to help you create, cook and lead a whole seder. 

Included in the box:

  1. A Seder Plate

  2. Set of Seder Cards

  3. Seder Placemat

  4. Seder Program

  5. Social Media Haggadah

  6. The Rest of the Haggadah

  7. Kiddush Cup

  8. Holiday Candles (x2)

  9. Matzah

* Available to community members for $18 


Seders at Chabad

Passover is in the air!


Don't live on macaroons, and don't miss Chabad's famous seders! Crispy matzah, delicious brisket... and your MSU family!

Come for 1 or for 2, there's always room for YOU!

Don't Pass Over this Experience!

RSVP Required


Handmade Matzah

The Real Deal.

With under 2.5 weeks to go to Pesach, We are

gearing up for our largest Shmurah Matzah campaign ever!!!

100’s of lbs of Matzah will be delivered!

This is a very important mitzvah! Take us up on the offer and we can have this handmade Matzah dropped off or shipped to you! ​

Although this is free of charge to students, your support will enable us to continue our work at Chabad!